Slumber My Darling

This last Friday night, I had my niece, Kaylee sleep over at my and sister’s house. As a true gentleman and host, I let Kaylee sleep in my bed. I slept on the couch. Early Saturday morning, say about three in the morning, Kaylee woke me up. She had a bad dream, and was scared. She wanted to stay with me. I told that it was okay. She laid down next to me and gave me a hug. Although she only stayed there for about fifteen minutes, it was the most peaceful fifteen minutes of sleep that I have had since I was a child.


Another day, another year

I bring you greetings from Dacula. I enjoyed my time away from the courtroom, and from work in general. However, it is back to the salt mines. Back to in and out courtrooms and the county jail. Back to doing a lot of work for the most ungrateful of people. Back to doing a public good, but getting paid next to nothing. Yet, you know what? I love what I do.

On an unrelated note, my school, UGA won their bowl game in heart-attack type fashion. Also, the UGA basketball team took down the #3 team in the land, our arch-rival, Georgia Tech. Life is getting back to normal, and life is good.

So, what’s new in your neck of the woods?

I wish you a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone. It has been a year that I cannot forget, although at times, I wish that I could forget it. Have fun tonight. Ear, drink, be merry, and enjoy the time with your friends and family. May the new year treat you well.

Holiday Cheer

It was a year ago on Christmas that my grandmother died. She had been fighting Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Her death hit my family hard, because she was the center of my extended family. Plus, with Kim and Madison dying this year, it was really hard to get in the christmas spirit. However, when I saw my niece and my nephew tear into their christmas presents, it made my holiday.

On a completely unrelated note, I have decided to continue working as a public defender. The only explaination I can give is that this is my life; this is what I have chosen to do.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for having a career that I love. I am thankful that I am blessed to have friends both near and far that care for me. I am thankful that I have a promise that I will see the ones that I have lost this year again. Also, if to state the obvious, I am thankful to be alive.

It was a good day

Saturday night was the first time that I can remember where my older brother, my younger sister, and myself went out drinking. Also, it is the first time that my brother has been out since his wife and his younger daughter were killed in a car wreck. Although it was nice to spend time with the people that mean the most to me, it was sad that it took a tragic event in our lives to have it happen.

On a much lighter note, my team, my school, UGA kicked Auburn’s ass, 26-7, and I am not sick anymore.


I would be lying if I said my life was getting back to normal. There are days when all I want to is cry and hide in my room. There are days that I am consumed with rage and hate for everybody. There are days that I just feel numb. However, I am getting better. I am able to function. I am able to laugh. I am able to do my job. I am able to pick up the pieces and live again. Plus, Rerun died. The world is darker and colder place.