Gordon County Courthouse

Gordon County Courthouse

This is the current Gordon County Courthouse. It is the third courthouse that Gordon County has had in its history. The first one was constructed in 1852, shortly after the creation of Gordon County. It had to be replaced in 1888 because of a serve thunderstorm destroyed it. The second courthouse seen below served the people of Gordon County from 1888 to 1961, when it was torn down, and the current structure was built.


While I was taking photographs of the Courthouse and the downtown area, a funny thing happened to me. I was dressed in causal clothes. I was taking my photographs and just taking in the nice scenery of this small county town, when a local man approached me. He asked me, “Which firm are you with, sir?” I looked a tad bit perplexed, and I responded with an old phrase from Lewis Grizzard, “Do what?” The local man looked me, and said that the county was interviewing three different architectural firms to help with the restoration / remodeling of the interior of the current courthouse. Politely, I told him that I was there with my wife on business, and that one of my hobbies is to take pictures of the county courthouse and the surrounding town. He laughed and said that he did not mean to bother me, and he welcomed me to Calhoun. We spent the next few minutes talking about the joys of living in a small town.


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