Criminal Courts in Georgia

This post does not constitute legal advice. This post does not constitute an attorney-client relationship between you and me. Until you retain me, I am not your attorney. Moreover, this post is general information, and it does not replace the advice and counsel of an attorney that has reviewed the evidence in your case and has investigated the case on your behalf. In plain English, this is just general information; I do not represent you; my posts do not replace your attorney’s advice.

After the passage of the 1983 Georgia Constitution, these are the following courts that can try criminal cases:

a.) Superior Court (Felonies and misdemeanors),
b.) State Court (misdemeanors only),
c.) Magistrate Court (preliminary hearings, certain misdemeanors, and county ordinances),
d.) Probate Court (traffic offenses outside of a municipality & if there is not a State Court), and
e.) Juvenile Court (most felonies and misdemeanors for defendants between the ages of 13 and 17).

There are municipal courts that handle traffic offenses and certain misdemeanors; however, those courts have the jurisdiction to handle criminal cases because the Georgia Legislature has given them the authority to do so by legislation.

The Georgia Supreme Court and the Georgia Court of Appeals are the two criminal courts that hear appeals from criminal cases. The Georgia Court of Appeals hears the majority of these appeals, and the Georgia Supreme Court is the court of last review in Georgia.

If you have a loved one with a criminal case in Georgia, contact me at 404-585-1377 to schedule an appointment to discuss the case.


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