Side Project – WDNZL

One of the things that I enjoy is listening to music, and making playlists to listen to on the road, at the office, at home or with friends. For a while, I made a Mix CD to give to friends around Christmas time. It is high time that I started this project up again.  Here is a link to the page with the prior Mix CDs. I will go back and link the songs to where you can listen to them legally. Right now, this is the playlist that I have been working on lately:

The theme is the music that I would play if I owned a small hole in the wall bar. It would be a mix of blues, country, rock, and soul. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I hope to have a final list and Mix CD by Christmas time.

PS – The title “WDNZL” is a nod to my former nickname, “Donzell,” and to old radio call signs.

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