Goodbye Officer Don.

I found out today that one of my favorite syndicated radio shows, “Big Band Jump” is no longer in production. It is a sad day. I love listening to the show, and to Don Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy has a connection to Georgia. He was Officer Don from 1956 to 1970, and he helped establish WKLS, which was 96 Rock, when I was younger.

Anyhow, the music recording was the music that Mr. Kennedy played at the end of “Big Band Jump,” as he asked you to come back next week to listen to the show. While it will not be the same as a new show each week, I hope Album 88 (aka WRAS 88.5 FM) continues to play the old shows. I will keep listening.

3 Replies to “Goodbye Officer Don.”

  1. Officer Don brings back a lot of memories. I remember watching his TV show every afternoon when I came home from elementary school. Then later in life I had the pleasure of preparing his food as his came by our Dairy Queen in Cleveland going to his mountain home practically every weekend. He was a nice guy, but very nervous.

  2. Sunday morning will never be the same. I am listening to the last recorded BBJ on WRAS as I type this. This news, combined with the news that WRAS’s daytime programming will no longer be on regular FM (HD Radio and internet only) makes me sad. Everything is a-changin.

    I had no idea that Don Kennedy was Officer Don.

  3. Craig,
    The only reason that I knew that Don Kennedy was Officer Don was from my parents who grew up watching him on television. It shows the range and depth of the man. As for WRAS, I agree. It stinks that GSU has sold it out. It leaves WRFG 89.3 the only real option to listen to diverse music in Atlanta. It is very sad.

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