The Historical White County Courthouse / White County Historical Society

Via Flickr:
One of the things that I love to do when I travel is to stop in the county seats and to take in a little bit about the area. On this trip to the GACDL 2013 Fall Seminar, I stopped in Cleveland, Georgia to look at the old courthouse.

The city of Cleveland is named in honor of Maj. Benjamin Cleveland, a hero of the American Revolution’s Battle of Kings Mountain who was an early settler of Habersham County. The city was settled in 1857 and incorporated by the General Assembly on Aug. 18, 1870.

The Historical Courthouse was completed by a local contractor using local labor and handmade bricks in 1859. The original floor was dirt, and each of the rooms had a fireplace to help keep the occupants warm. While it is not there anymore, there was a fence around the courthouse to keep the local livestock of the courthouse lawn. A portrait pained by Don Troiani called “Colonel Cleveland’s War Prize Oct. 7, 1780” is located at the base of the stairwell to the courtroom. There are only two other copies in existence.

The Historical Courthouse was utilized by the White County government until 1962 when a new, modern courthouse was completed just south of the square.

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