Franklin County Courthouse

Via Flickr:
The picture is mine, but here is some information on the courthouse.

Source: Georgia Info
Page –

Location: Carnesville

Date Built: 1906

Architectural Style: Neoclassical Revival

Designer: W. Chamberlain

Other Information: At the time of its creation in 1784, Franklin County was a large wilderness, with the northern border bordering Cherokee lands. An act of Feb. 22, 1785 provided that superior court for the new county initially be held at the house of Warren Philpot. An act of Feb. 10, 1787 changed the meeting pl.ace to the house of Benjamin Acles. On Feb. 1, 1788, the legislature appointed commissioners to select a site for the county seat and authorized them to spend up to £250 to build a courthouse and jail. New commissioners were named in 1791, and again in 1792. The next year, Franklin County’s first courthouse was completed. In 1826, the General Assembly authorized a local tax to fund construction of a new courthouse, which was completed in 1826 or 1827. That building was used until the present two-story brick courthouse was constructed in 1906 (see postcard 1 and postcard 2). The courthouse was remodeled in 1958, and the interior was renovated in 1998.


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