RIP Munch (1996-2012)

Munch, originally uploaded by danielrpartain.

He was the smallest of the litter. His mother died after giving birth. He was the sole survivor of his litter. I bottled fed him. He grew up. When I went to law school, he and Tom went with me. They helped get me through law school. He was full of life and a character. When his older adopted brother, Tom died after Christmas in 2009, he started to slow down, and he became an old cat. Nevertheless, I loved that cat. He was my little boy. He died yesterday on St. Patrick’s Day. Good night, my little boy.


One Reply to “RIP Munch (1996-2012)”

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. We (my family) were just talking this morning about the significance of pets in our lives and how we relate to pets and they relate to us. In the past year, we have experienced the loss of our dog and a cat who had become an outdoor cat. Both had lived long lives, but we miss them and their presence in our daily lives. Take care, Annette

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