Public Defender 101 – Rule #26

Over the years, I have learned a number of truths as to the practice of law, and in particular, being a public defender.  The first twenty-five can be found here. I am going to add another one today.

Rule #26 – Be willing to accept responsibility for your mistakes.

You are not perfect. Eventually, you will make a mistake in your representation of a client. In most cases, the mistake will be minor and it can be fixed relatively easily. Nevertheless, you must take responsibility of said mistake, and  you must learn from it. The reason being is that when you make a mistake that has serious repercussions to the client’s freedom or life, you will have the moral and ethic fortitude to step up to the plate and to admit it. Remember, the practice of law, especially being a Public Defender is not about you or your ego. It is about serving your fellow man.

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