Richt needs to go!

First, I want to say that I am a loyal UGA alumnus.  I attended UGA as an undergrad, and as a student of the law school. However, there comes a time when enough is enough. Mark Richt has outlived his stay at UGA. He needs to go.

This is not the first time that I have called for Richt’s head. I called for it during the 2008 season.  It wasn’t because we were 10-3, but because of how we lost those three games. We lost to Alabama in our own stadium, on a “blackout” night, and after we spotted them 31 points. We lost to Florida in an embarrassing fashion. In that game, we thought because we won in 2007 that they would roll over and die. They did not. Lastly, we lost to our in-state rivals, Georgia Tech, even though we had a 16-point lead on them at halftime, and they were running an offense from the early 20th century. Richt has done nothing really to change the problems at UGA since then.

I believe that Richt’s success at UGA had nothing to do with him, but with two other factors that were outside of his control, which were Jim Donnan’s recruits and Van Gorder’s defense. To all those Richt defenders, please point to me what has changed since the 2005 season that gives any rational UGA fan hope that anything will improve. I hope that McGarity will drop the hammer on Richt after this season and find a coach that will be willing to do what is necessary to bring UGA back to its rightful prominence in both the SEC and the NCAA. Otherwise, UGA will be regulated to the status of “has-been” for a number of years, if not decades.


4 Replies to “Richt needs to go!”

  1. Embarrassing is the word for UGA coaching. Seriously I believe most any fan in the stands could have called abetter game(Please Gogol BOBo) And special teams where we were on the plus side. Well we got way out coached there also. Richter needs to resign foe the good of the program.

    1. What I find so distressing is that Richt is almost tone deaf to the criticism that presented to him about the problems with the program. It is as if he feels that we are a bunch of armchair quarterbacks that do not know anything about football.

  2. Richt is not there for the Dawgs hs is there for himself. He is overpaid, underperforms and is arrogant beyond reproach. GA, when he is gone (hopefully soon like tomorrow) I plead that you do not make a blunder like Richt. Pay for performance and demand quality……

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