To the SGHS Class of 1991

To my fellow classmates,

Again, I am so glad that all of you came out to the 20 year reunion and spent a few moments reminiscing about our collective past, and sharing where life has taken each of us. Nevertheless, my opening remarks ended up being a little bit too comical. So, I hope you will indulge me one last time, and read what I wanted what I wanted to say and what was in my heart. Thanks.



Good Evening, and Welcome South Gwinnett High School Class of 1991,

June 7, 1991 is the day when we graduated from South Gwinnett High School, and we went out into the world to find our place. 20 years has passed since that day. Tonight, we have gathered here to celebrate that momentous occasion with our 20-year reunion.

Yet, why do we need to have reunions to commemorate this event in our lives? Are we not able to look at our old yearbooks and take trips down memory lane in the comfort of our homes at anytime that we want? Yes, you can, but as you take that trip down memory lane, you realize how much you have forgotten over the years, and how little you do remember from the days of yore. Yet, don’t we have social media, such as Facebook where we can stay connected with each other whenever we want? Yes; however, there is something lacking in these virtual meeting places.

I think this is why we have Reunions. Reunions allow us to reconnect in person. Reunions allow us to show whom the person we have become since high school, but reunions allow us to remember the person that we were. Reunions help us pluck the mystic chords of memory and help us each remember things that we have forgotten. Reunions allow us to remember the classmates that are no longer here with us, but who have passed on, and to honor their memory.

While we are gathered here for our 20-year high school reunion only for a short time, I hope that you will take the full opportunity to reconnect with old friends, remember the good times, and rediscover the joy & passion that you had when you were young.

Thank you.


One Reply to “To the SGHS Class of 1991”

  1. Hi Daniel, how are You? Here is Melanie Weinrich from Germany. Did the homepage changed from SGwinnett? I wanted to actualize my personal profil? Where can I do it? How was the reunion for 2 years ago? See Ya and Best wishes, 😉

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