Days Gone By

Waiting for Gidot . . . no, waiting for my high school diploma.

Dateline: June 7, 1991. Location: Snellville, Georgia. Occasion: The Graduation Ceremonies for the Class of 1991 from South Gwinnett High School.

It has been twenty years since I sat waiting to get my high school diploma, and to begin another chapter in my life.  If it was not for a friend commenting about it on Facebook, I would have forgotten that it happened today so many years ago. If you are wondering, I am the guy in the front row with the glasses and the bad mullet. Yes, I had a mullet. Get over it.

There are only a few things that I can remember about the actual ceremony, such as Shane Doss playing the national anthem on his electric guitar in a manner similar to Jimmie Hendrix at Woodstock (the original one, and not the corporate scams that came later). I do not remember any of the speeches, including my own. However, I imagine my speech was an assorted collection of claptrap thoughts from an egoistical, pseudo-intellectual, wannabe metal-head.

I will not wax and wane about days gone by or whether I have changed from that young man sitting in that chair waiting for his high school diploma. I will leave that kind of claptrap entry to another day. All I can say is this: it has been one helluva trip since I left high school, and I imagine the next twenty years (God willing or if the earth does not end with the Mayan Calendar in 2012) will prove just as interesting.

Alright, I will allow myself some sentimentality about the fact that I graduated high school twenty years ago today. All the way home, I could not get this song out of my mind. It is kinda relevant. Enjoy.


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