Random Picture Monday – Self Portrait

A random picture of me from the 1990s

I got my Canon EOS Rebel as a graduation gift back in 1991 from my family. However, I did not really start using my camera until I finished taking classes for my undergraduate degree at UGA in 1995. Despite the fact that I love taking pictures, I don’t take pictures of myself. In fact, I don’t like having my picture being taken. So, this picture is a rarity. This picture was taken in either 1995 or 1996. The reason why I know is that I purchased the t-shirt when I was at the height of my comic book addiction, especially the Grendel series from Matt Wagner. The scratches are from my faithfully departed cat, Thomas. And yes, I am flipping the camera a bird like it was a gun. I know, lame. Seriously lame.


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