Random Picture Monday – Etowah Indians Mounds

This week I am posting some of my pictures from my trip to the Etowah Indian Mounds outside of Cartersville, Georgia in August 2006.

Mount A

This is a picture of Mound A. It stands 63 feet high. The base of the mound covers three acres, and the top of the mound is a half-acre in size. Mound A was the mound where the Etowah Indians had their temple and where the village’s high priest-chief would live. According to the sign that is near the staircase, a new layer would have been added to the mound with the elder chief died and a new chief took over. Mound A has never been excavated. The climb to the top of Mound A is not easy, especially on a hot, muggy summer day in Georgia. I walked around the park twice and I went to the top of Mound A twice because the view is amazing from the top.


In fact, this picture of Mound B is from the top of Mound A. Mound B is only about 25 feet high, and it is believed that it was used either as a meeting house or a secondary temple.

Mount C

This is Mound C. It is inly about 10 feet tall. Mound C was a burial mound. The reason that we know this is that Mound C has been excavated and its treasures are housed at the museum nearby. However, Mound C is not in its original location. 

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