Random Picture Monday – 110 film in New Orleans

The SGHS 1991 Mock Trial team at Tulane University

This is one of my earliest attempts at photography. I used a 110 film camera from Kodak to take this picture. It was May of 1991. I was a member of my high school’s mock trial team. We had won the State competition, and we were at National Competition in New Orleans. Before I go any further, let me honest. I was not one of the students that got to be the attorneys or to be one of the witnesses. I was the timekeeper, which is akin to being a water boy on a football team.

With that out of the way, this picture is from one of our practice sessions. We were allowed to practice at the mock trial courtroom at the School of Law of Tulane University. I think that the case at the National Level was about government regulations that required the nets on shrimp boats be equipped with a device that prevented sea turtles from being entangled in their nets. I can still remember the names of the people in this picture. Mr. Auld is the attorney coach sitting on the bench. Josh and Luke are sitting the table in the foreground. Paula is at the podium, and John is on the stand. Greg, Wendy, Doug, Steven, and Jenny are not in this picture. Out of that group of students, Steven and myself are the only attorneys.

The cross on Bourbon St.

Toward the tail end of our trip there, the team was allowed to go down to Bourbon Street and to “wonder” about. Josh and I were the only members of the team that were 18 years old, which was the legal drinking age at the time in the State of Louisiana. So, Mrs. Melvin did her best to make sure we (or at the very least, me) were in earshot of her. The reason that I decided to take a picture of this man with cross is that it was so out of place. Bourbon Street is known for a lot of things, but one of them is not that it is a hub of Christianity.


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