Random Picture Monday – Athens, Georgia

It is time for Random Picture Monday. This week will be about my adopted hometown, Athens, Georgia. I love Athens, Ga., and I will admit openly with shame that I do not get out there enough. However, these pictures are a decent substitute for right now.

College Avenue in Downtown Athens, Ga.

I took this picture is from when I went to Athens in 2006 for the Georgia v. Miss. State game. It is of the intersection of East Broad St. (U.S. Hwy 78) and College Avenue. It is in the heart of downtown Athens and it is adjacent to the world famous Arch, and not those damn golden ones. That color reminds me too much of the Joke by the Coke / the North Ave. Trade School. Anyhow, I had to clean up the photo because it got scratched up by one of the cats at my house. And, yes, I know that the picture is not straight. It is how I took it.

A guy walking down Prince Avenue

In the spring of 1997, I was 1L at UGA Law, and I did not have any classes until the afternoon. So, I went wondering around Athens and I started taking pictures. This one is just of some random student walking down Prince Avenue. I just kinda liked the composition of the sky, the angle of the road, and this guy walking into the distance.

First Christian Church of Athens, Georgia

This picture is of the First Christian Church of Athens located on West Dougherty Street. I took this picture in 1996 before I started law school at UGA, and when I was doing some genealogical research on my family. The only reason that I can fathom why I took this picture was that I thought the architecture of the church was unusual.

The Double Barreled Canon of Athens, Georgia

This picture is from 1996 as well, and I took it on the same day as the previous photo. It is of the double-barreled cannon, an experimental weapon from the Civil War era. You can read about it here.


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