Random Picture Monday – Crappy Cell Phone Edition

On this Random Picture Monday, I am going to post some cell phone pictures that I have taken over the years. There is no simple way of putting it: these pictures are crap.


This is from my July 2008 vacation to Las Vegas. This was at the Forty Deuce nightclub. I don’t know if it was at the Venetian or at the Mandalay Bay. I don’t remember. So, sue me. I had a half of a decanter of red wine, two shots, about four beers, and dinner in my gullet, when I took this picture. I took this picture during a burlesque show where the dancer who was rather attractive, even though she had short hair, and she was dancing her life away to an excellent jazz trio rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.”


This is another picture from that Las Vegas vacation. I was at the Double Down Saloon. Double Down Saloon is the anti-thesis of Vegas. It ain’t glamorous. It is bar that is not connected with the “Strip,” where all the tourists are at. It is tucked away amongst other buildings that are there for the locals. The place was small. It could hold at best about 100 people. It had graffiti and punk art all over the place. The two things that made me love this place at first glance was 1.) the bumper sticker that said, “I ♥ Mormon Pussy,” and the wooden sign that said, “Hippies. Use the back door.” Another thing that endeared this place to me was the $20 puke insurance and the house rule of if you puke it up, then you clean it up. This place had only two TVs in the place playing an assortment of indie cartoons of vile nature, concert footage from bands like GWAR and Madness, and other assorted spoofs on pop culture. The place was cash bar. No credit cards, no checks. This was a true dive bar. The people that were in there were obviously locals from the punk scene, if there is one in Vegas. Tattoos, piercings, and trucker hats were the staples of this place. It was nice to be in a place that was real and authentic.

One thing about places like Double Down is that they usually have a house drink that is the stuff of legend, hype, or terror. Double Down was no different. They have a drink called “Ass Juice.” The bartender refused to tell you what was in it. He would tell us that if you were allergic to alcohol, then we should not have any of it; also, he told us it had to be strong, it had to look like shit, and it had to taste good. All we can tell about this “Ass Juice” was a dark red, like blood, and not brown like the stuff comes out of your ass. My friend, Amanda and I contemplated over taking a shot. Jason made fun of us of asking about it, but hesitating about drinking it. About four beers later, Amanda and I had a shot of “Ass Juice.” It was sweet, fruity, and not what I was expecting. I was expecting a drink that would be bitter, sour, rancid, or just plain wretched.

The view from a pint glass

I took this picture during June 2008 and I was at Loco’s. I was fiddling around with my cell phone camera, and I wondered what I would look like if I took a picture from behind my pint glass looking up. This is what I got. It is crappy, but kinda neat how the how the lights reflect off the pint glass.


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