A somewhat amusing, if not nerdy, work related tale

I have an amusing tale to tell from something that happened today the District Attorney’s Office. However, to get the full flavor of the funny, I have to give the back-story.

The staff at the District Attorney’s Office in the circuit that I practice calls me “Obi-Wan.” The reason why I got this nickname is from an interaction with a former client of mine. Without going into too much detail that would run afoul of the bar rules here in Georgia, here is what happened. My investigator provided me a file about this client, and noted that there were some mental health issues, and that a competency evaluation may be in order. When I went to meet the client, it was rather difficult to get him to speak to me. The client would hold his breath when he did not want to answer my questions. Most of the time, he would either nod his head either up/ down or side to side when he would answer my questions. He acted more like a toddler than a grown man. When I broached the subject of the medications that he was supposed to be taking, he told me that those medications were not medicine, but a garnish that he puts on his salad. At this point, I realized that my investigator’s note was quite correct. So, I ended the interview, and I told my client that I would see him at his court date, which was a few days later. As I left the interview room, my client said the following to me: “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, You’re My Only Hope.” My response was a classic line of Lewis Grizzard, “Do what?” To which my client repeated, “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, You’re My Only Hope.” Once the staff at the District Attorney’s Office heard this tale, I earned my newest nickname, “Obi-Wan.”

Today, when I was over at the District Attorney’s Office to speak with one of the ADA’s about the case, some of the ADAs were returning from court. They said, “Hello, Dan.” One of the Admins spoke up and said, “No. He is O.G. Original Gangster.” I retorted, “No. I’m O.J. Original Jedi.” To those that were there, it was funny.

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