Fire Mark Richt, Fire Willie Martinez, Fire Somebody!

Despite the fact that Mark Richt has led UGA to three SEC East titles and two SEC championships, he needs to go or he needs to fire some people on his coaching staff. We went on an improbable run last year with stellar defensive play, big plays from our offense, and just superb coaching from Mark Richt. Now, this year, the UGA program reverted at least eight years back to the Donnan era, at best, or even worse to the Ray “Goof” era. We are unable to play with the big boys; we barely beat the inferior opponents in our conference; the teams that we clearly beat are mediocre;  we find excuse after excuse for our miserable play. The reason that Mark Richt was hired was to bring UGA football back to the national prominence that it had during the 1980’s. However, it is clear after seven years that the only thing that UGA football is capable of doing year in, year out is to compete for the SEC East title. Other than that, we are still the mediocre team from the 1990s. The only way that UGA can change this is to fire the incompetent parts of our coaching staff and spend the money necessary to bring in the talented coaches that can make UGA a national contender once again. Plus, Mr. King at, describes in better detail what is wrong with Martinez as defensive coordinator. His article can be read here.

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