UGA has no killer instinct.

As I type this, UGA is getting their ass handed to them by Florida, again. At this moment, it is 35-3. As I lament at the dominance that Florida has had in this series, I wonder what is it that causes UGA to lose so often to Florida. It is not a question of talent. There were years in the 1990s and 2000s where UGA had the same level of talent as Florida, but still lost. So, why is is that UGA has suffered so long in this series? Simple, UGA has no killer instinct at the coaching level. In the years that UGA has won (1997, 2004, 2007), the coaching was cut-throat, and go for broke from the beginning, and was very opportunistic when Florida faltered. However, after those games, the killer instinct waned either in the following games or during the off season. For example, during the entire off season, Mark Richt was apologizing for the excessive celebration penalty after the first touchdown against Florida in 2007. He should not have apologized for anything. In fact, he should have used the off season to foster a killer instinct with his team, especially with the #1 pre-season ranking. Football is a game of physicality. Niceity ain’t part of its nature. Sometimes, it requires the coaches and the players to be jerks, assholes, and dicks. If the UGA coaching staff cannot recognize this fact, then they need to be replaced.


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