A complete and utter trivial post

I do not post entries about the nonsense that happens in our celebrity driven culture, but I will make an exception for this one.

Now, Mr. Cyrus, Bill Ray, if I may, what the hell were you thinking when you let your little daughter go to do a photo shoot with someone at Vanity Fair? Have you not seen some of the prior covers of this magazine? Alright, I can understand that you were told that it was going to be “artistic.” However, why in the world did you leave early? Have something more important to do? Were they filming another episode of “Doc” for PAX TV? Had to attend a meeting of the local chapter of “Line Dancin’ Anonymous?” Plus, the grandmother and teacher that were present during the controversial shot need to be shot. Damn, if they are asking a 15 year old to take off her top to make the picture more artistic, then should not you say something in protest or call the parents to see if it is okay? Plus, with most photography becoming digital, there was no excuse for someone to express some concern about this picture, before the picture made its way into the magazine. Lastly, the “apology” is lame; it is a pitiful attempt to maintain her core audience, tween girls. If she was serious about being embarrassed about the photos, then she would ask Vanity Fair to retract the photo from the magazine.

Look, I am no prude. Hell, I am a member of SuicideGirls.com and have been one for almost five years. However, the only import of this photo is to eroticize a young girl for profit, fame, or both. If Ms. Cyrus wants to do so when she is 18, then that is her business and none of mine, but to do so, when she is 15, well, that is vile to me.


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