It has been a while . . .

Wow, times flies when it is the end of the year and when you are having fun. So, let’s catch up.

Winning a criminal trial is exhilarating and doubly so, when it is an armed robbery trial. As a public defender, you are expected to lose. In fact, you lose a lot of your cases, because the evidence is so overwhelming against your clients. So, when you win a case of such magnitude, it energizes your entire being and gives you the faith to push on and fight another day. It is sort of like when Appalachian State beat Michigan or Stanford beat USC, it gives you the belief that you can fight and you can win, despite the odds.

UGA 31 GT 17 – Watching this game was fun. I had a couple of Tech fans talking trash to me before the game. As the game progressed, I held up seven fingers and I never saw fans of the North Ave. trade school get so mad. Seven years in a row. God, I will miss Reggie and Chan. Now, so, Taylor Bennett is going to have to run the triple option next year. Eight years in a row sounds damn nice. Cannot wait to then.

The BCS is full of shit. Last year, certain people were advocating that Michigan go to the title game, even though they did not win their conference. But, UGA ain’t good enough to go, even though they did not win their conference? Hey, can you name the one top 25 team that Ohio State played? That’s right kids, it was Illinois. And what happened? Ohio State lost. But they are in the game. LSU loses both times when they were #1. Yes, Les Miles, LSU did not lose in regulation this year, but it should say something when the #1 team cannot win in regulation against UNRANKED TEAMS.

UGA v. Hawaii – expect for the next few weeks the sports media gush over this team and hope that they beat the big, bad, ungrateful team from Athens. Screw that shit. I remember the 3rd best offense in College Football last year coming into Athens this year and only scored 14 points. Hell, the last WAC team that UGA played could not get more than 14 points on us. UGA is going to win. Period.

The office Christmas party was fun. My date, HyperMediocrity was stunning. I am lucky to have her as a friend. The food was wonderful. It is good to know that at 35, I can outlast my co-workers. Plus, I may look like an idiot, but I enjoyed dancing again.

SGATLiens Christmas party is this Saturday. God, I love this party. Plus, the CD exchange is a fun time for me. I am like a kid in a candy store. Here are my two mix CDs:

CD #1
1. Promiscuous – Nelly Furtado w/Timberland
2. Don’t You Want Me – Jody Whatley
3. Can I Get Get Get – Junior Senior
4. Open Your Heart – Madonna
5. Hungry Like the Wolf – Duran Duran
6. The Glamorous Life (Club Edit) – Sheila E
7. Where the Streets Have No Name (Can’t Take My Eyes Off You) – Pet Shop Boys
8. Digital Love – Daft Punk
9. All I Need – Method Man & Mary J. Blige
10. Killing Me Softly With His Song – The Fugees
11. Sumthin’ Sumthin’ – Maxwell
12. I Belong to You – Lenny Kravitz
13. If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys
14. One on One – Hall & Oates
15. I’ve Got to See You Again (Live) – Norah Jones
16. Let Me Touch You For Awhile – Allison Krauss & Union Station

CD #2
1. In My House (12 Inch Mix) – Mary Jane Girls
2. Jungle Love – Morris Day and the Time
3. U Got the Look – Prince
4. She Wants More – N.E.R.D.
5. So Fresh, So Clean – OutKast
6. Stand Up – Ludacris
7. Go Deep – Janet Jackson
8. Umbrella – Rihanna
9. SexyBack (DJ Wayne Williams Ol’ Skool Remix) – Justin Timberlake
10. The Way I Are – Timbaland
11. Around the World – Lisa Stansfield
12. Dare – Gorillaz
13. Stiff Kittens – Blaqk Audio
14. It’s No Good – Depeche Mode
15. West End Girls (Maxi Single) – Pet Shop Boys

So, whatcha think?


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