A few short (and I do mean short) stories for your consideration:

1. A client of mine offered me oral gratification of my nether-regions, after I got him a sentence of 3 years to serve as a repeat offender instead of 7 years. This is nothing new to me. However, it was unusual because the client was a man.

2. I spent four hours at my parents house on Saturday putting out pine straw around the plants, trees, and shrubs. I had my 12 year niece along with me. We talked for about two hours before she left and we talked about a lot of things. It was wonderful to spend that kind of quality time with her.

3. I gave up the opportunity to spend time with a beautiful and exotic woman because I wanted to honor my promise to my mother that I would be in church with her on Mother’s Day. That has to count for something.

P.S. – My interview is up at Public Defender Stuff. Go check it out. Hopefully, I don’t sound like a complete idiot.


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