An actual job related update.

Well, it is about time for a job related post. I have a jury trial on Thursday, and if my memory serves me correctly, this will be my first trial in about six months. I am a bundle of nerves until I get started, and then, I calm down and get into the groove.

The case is not the greatest, but there are some valid points or deficiencies in the state’s case. Yet, the client has told so many inconsistent stories and his shifty behavior makes it harder to defend him. Nevertheless, it is my duty and obligation to go forth, to fight, and to defend my client.

I am about to enter a real busy time at work. I have a very nasty rape, incest, and Agg. Child Molestation case possibly going to trial in May, and then an armed robbery in June. Plus, the usual assortment of phone calls from mothers who don’t understand that her daughter can be found guilty of a crime for being a look out or an accessory, fathers that complain that his son should not be in jail, despite the fact that he did an armed robbery/home invasion, and female representatives that fail to understand that they are not entitled to know a damn thing about their baby daddy’s case.

But, you know what? I enjoy what I do.


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