Glory, Hallelujah!

I know that I have not updated this blog in a while, but I have been having fun in the real world. So, sue me. However, I had to share this little diddy with y’all.

I get mail from inmates on a regular basis. Most of the correspondence that I receive from my incarcerated clients fall into the following categories: a.) to ask questions about their case, b.) to question my integrity as an attorney, c.) when are they going back to court or d.) when I am going to come to the county jail to talk with them. Yet, today, I got something special. I got a religious tract. For those who weren’t raised in an evangelical fundamentalist baptist background, let me explain what is a tract. A tract is a small publication, usually animated, proclaiming how one can accept Jesus Christ as ones own Lord and Savior. The best example of what a tract is can be found at Chick Publications. Now, with that in mind, let me proceed to why I find this amusing.

My client is in jail for Forgery 1st Degree (possessing a false identification card) and giving a false name to law enforcement officer. Plus, my client is waiting to be extradited back to Maryland for a drug trafficking charge. Mind you, if my client has found religion and it is genuine, then more power to him. However, I find it funny that he is more worried about my eternal soul than with his own corporeal butt.

P.S. – I am a Christian; however, how devout of a Christian am I is another story for another time.


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