Who are you?

Okay, it is time for something serious. So, here goes nothing . . . .

“Well I look in the mirror – what the hell happened to me?
Whatever I had has gone away
I’m not the young kid that I used to be
So I push the hair back out of my face
That’s o.k., I knew this would happen
But I was hopin’ not today”

I believe that I have found the root of my “identity crisis.” It is simple; I am getting older. When you are a child, time seems endless, the world full of possibilities, and that you will have an opportunity to explore all of those possibilities. Yet, the fancies of youth give way to the realities of adulthood; you realize that time is finite; you set priorities; you make sacrifices to get that promotion, to get the girl (or guy), to get married, to get the home, to get a family or to get what you want. The roads less traveled that you promised yourself to travel is pushed aside so that you don’t get ran over on the interstate of modern life.

“Somewhere out in the distance
Is the death of you and me
Even though we don’t think of it much
It’s still out there for us to see”

In my case, I am at the age where I am no longer can be consider young. I am at that point in my life where I have to consider seriously whether I want to get married, have a family or to remain a bachelor. I am at the age where I am not able to travel all of the roads less traveled and still make it home before the sun sets in the west and night falls. To be blunt, I was angry, saddened, and depressed at this proposition, at first.

“Just try to live each and every precious moment
Don’t be discouraged by the future forget the past
That’s old advice but it’ll be good to you”

Then I realized that I am not promised any hope of tomorrow. Life is too short to spend incessantly worrying about what the future holds. Life is to be lived, not feared. So, it does not matter whether I get married, or whether I have children. It is important that I pursue the things that me happy. If being happy means passing up on some of the back roads of life, then so be it. I want to be happy.

“It’s what you do and not what you say
If you’re not part of the future then get out of the way”

The other part of this melodrama was trying to figure out who am I. So, who am I?

“Call me any name you like
I will never deny it”

I am a plethora of things: a man, an American, a native of Georgia, a graduate of the University of Georgia, a loyal member of the Bulldog Nation, an attorney, a public defender, a good friend, a son, a brother, an uncle. However, I think I am most comfortable with the first moniker given to me. I am Daniel.


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