a new day, a new job.

i started my new job today. nothing really exciting happened. just the usual filling out of insurance forms, forms for retirement, and some more forms about how we received the forms and filled them out. god, i just love government paperwork. the job is relatively the same. defend criminals, try to prove innocence or do damage control and work out a deal that helps the client. however, this place just feels different. i cannot place my finger on it, just yet. also, i don’t want to presume things until i face the fire of the courtroom and ire of these judges. one thing that will suck is that i do not get a paycheck until December 22, 2006, the Friday before Christmas. oh joy, between Christmas shopping and stretching my last paycheck, my financial life is going to be interesting. since i am at a new job, i will try to post more about some of the more interesting aspects of my life as a public defender. yet, at the moment, i am tired and i want to watch television. later.


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