Awe, Wonder, and Art

Day 2 of travels around Georgia.

The Georgia Aquarium was well worth the money. I had fun taking pictures of the fish, the turtles, the penguins, and of the people there. I love the reactions of the children there. Some were afraid, but most were overjoyed with the sight of the exotic aquatic life. Their sense of awe and wonder was quite infectious. I took the time to just look at the fish and be amazed at their beauty and the complexity of life on our planet. To paraphrase a famous character from a science fiction television show, “Knowing does not take away any of the wonder.” When I wasn’t staring at the fish, I was trying to take photos of both of the fish and the people there. Yet, I found taking pictures of awe-struck toddlers looking at marine life to be easier than taking photographs of the sea otters and the penguins. Overactive little bastards would not stay still. There are no photos at the moment because I love taking pictures on a real camera with film. It takes time to have those things developed.

After I got done walking through the Georgia Aquarium, I went to Centinnial Olympic Park. I don’t know what it is about pulsating fountains that drives children and some adults nuts. However, it was fun taking pictures of people running through the fountains. One of the things that I miss about working in Atlanta was that you can walk from place to place to get what you want and not have to drive. Where I work and live, I have to drive my car for nearly every aspect of my life. Don’t get me wrong; I love to drive, but walking gives one a sense of perspective and allows you to notice the world around you.

It was about 1:30pm and I did not want to go home. So, I decided to hop back on to MARTA and ride up to the High Museum of Art. I enjoyed it. If I am not mistaken, a scene of “Manhunter,” the television version of “Red Dragon” was shot there. Nevertheless, it was fun walking through the various exhibits and marveling in the talent of artists from the past. Yet, the modern or contemporary art section was not my cup of tea. I do have a rudimentary education, despite the fact that I am an attorney. Three years of law school wiped out a lot of the useful life lessons that I had learned or to quote my law school ethics professor, “A legal education sharpens the mind by narrowing it.” Back to the modern art, I just did not get it. It was utter crap. One exhibit was a series of mirrors connected to each other. No joke. That ain’t art. However, I did love the art of Howard Finster. The man was a genius or crazy or maybe both.

Anyhow, I have a few days vacation days left, but I found out that I have an appellate brief due on September 6. Great, what a way to spoil a vacation.


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