It is not just a job . . .

Some of the reasons that being a Public Defender is not just a job, but an adventure:

  1. representing a teenage black “little person” (aka midget) in juvenile court for an alleged assault on an older and taller neighborhood kid and winning the case without asking a question or saying a word,
  2. having a female inmate expose herself to you in the vain hope that mere sight of her womanhood would inspire you to do more for her,
  3. having a female client play with your tie during court when you are trying to explain to her that she is facing at least 10 years in prison,
  4. having a female client proposition you for sex because you got her case reduced to a misdemeanor, credit for time served and a minimal fine,
  5. having a female client write to you and asking if you wanted to start a relationship with her, after you got her trafficking in methamphetamine case dismissed,
  6. having a female client with erotomania making you the focus of her mania,
  7. being told by an older black man that you are not white, but black, despite the fact that you have been a cracker-ass cracker for your entire life,
  8. being inducted into a black prison gang without being violated,
  9. meeting your 2nd cousin for the first time and it is to represent him on a felony driving offense, and
  10. having a conservation with two clients charged with murder about the NFL playoffs and not feeling weird about it.

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