Some more disjointed questions, thoughts and observations

1. Why is that I cannot maintain a decent phone conservation when I am trying to check up on friends?

2. While I am happy to hear right-wing radio hosts believe in the constitution and rights of the accused, I find it strange that it took a team of white lacrosse players accused of raping a black female exotic dancer to make them so vocal about it.

3. I am more afraid that you do not hear me at all, than finding the right words to say to you.

4. I cannot wait to go the Braves game this Saturday. It should be fun.

5. I am thinking of moving. Not soon, like the beginning of next year. I am thinking either Decatur or Lithonia.

6. Some of the people in my home county of Gwinnett are complete morons for trying to ban Harry Potter from the school libraries.


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