It was only a matter of time

I knew that it would happen as soon i decided to return to criminal defense. I would get a vehicular homicide case and I would have take it to trial.

It would take too long to recount what has happened to my family and I. Just go here to understand.

my loyalty to my brother, and my deceased sister-in-law and my deceased baby niece is undying, and my bond to them is nothing that neither any man could tear asunder or that Omnipotence could break. yet, the profession that i have chosen, nay my calling in life hearkens to me, compels me, and bears me to the courtroom to defend this man. there is no victory to this battle. there is only defeat and misery. i entreat my dear lord to protect not my body for it can heal; i entreat my redeemer to protect my spirit. for even now with the trials weeks away, my spirit is weary and my heart is heavy-laden.


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