More Random Thoughts

1. Even if it is for two days, I enjoyed being away from the office.

2. I had to attend a legal seminar to finish my CLE credits.. The seminar was in Young Harris. On this trip, I got to do two of my favorite things: a. driving on the back roads of Georgia, and b. traveling to new places.

3. The roads to Young Harris are full of very tight curves. If I did not have to worry about other cars or my life, I would love to take those curves in my dad’s 1972 Pontiac Firebird.

4. I should be reviewing the materials describing the changes to Georgia Criminal Procedure, but I am transfixed with a program about fetish porn on HBO. From the transsexuals to sex with very obese women or old men, I cannot stop watching and laughing.

5. I didn’t have internet access at this hotel. Oh, well. It didn’t kill me to be off the net for a couple of days. I did have a life before the Internet. I think.


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