Just another day in paradise 


It’s Tailgating in Athens!


An interesting fine in Athens, Georgia on game day.


It’s Game day! GO DAWGS!


Team Partain

On August 22, 2015, my sister, her husband, some of our mutual friends, and my niece walked in the Free to Breathe 5k at Piedmont Park in Atlanta. Our team name was Team Partain, in honor of my father, who was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer recently. This was our logo. It was based on the type of helicopter that my father flew on as a crew chief in Vietnam, and his unit designation.

team partain

I wanted to thank everyone that came out in support of my father.

Free to Breathe is the charity that supported the 5K. Here is the link to their website. Please visit their site and please donate money to this worthy cause.

It’s that wonderful time of the year!



Just a Metal Kind of Mood on a Friday Night

This is the music that I love. Passion, Drive, and Unrelenting.

Sometimes you have to feel the burn 


Just a lazy Sunday at the Park Tavern 


Home Again

It was two years ago today, when I left the public defender’s office to go into private practice. As of today, I returned to the fold. I am quite happy with my decision.