RIP Prince

He was a true musician, in every sense of the word. A true original; once in a lifetime. And the best Super Bowl Halftime show of all time. Period. He will be missed.

Rooftop Dining in the County Seat


Georgia Women’s Basketball 


The Historic First Presbyterian Church of Highlands, North Carolina

First Presbyterian Church of Highlands, North Carolina

I like taking pictures of churches and courthouses, when I go traveling. They are some of the few things that all places in America have in common. I saw this wonderful church when I was in Highlands, North Carolina earlier this year. Here is some information about this church.  According to Wikipedia:

The First Presbyterian Church is a historic church at 471 Main Street in Highlands, North Carolina. The single story wood frame church was built in 1883-85, and occupies a prominent site in downtown Highlands, surrounded by a period picket fence. It is the oldest church in the city, and was built by Marion Wright, a local master builder. It is stylistically a vernacular interpretation of Italianate architecture, which is most prominent in its belfry tower, which features a flared roof with extended bracketed eaves. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1996.


Talluah Falls



Endgame: 2015

I have not written an end of the year post since 2013. 2014 and 2015 were interesting years for me. Here is a brief recap:

  1. I fell in love, and I am still in love with my wonderful one.
  2. My father found out that he has stage IV lung cancer.
  3. My father is doing much better; the mass is reduced by one-half.
  4. I have returned to the Public Defender fold. 
  5. Bloom County (and Opus) has returned to us! Praise the Lord!
  6. I have traveled a lot in the last two years.

I look forward to 2016. I am hopeful that it will be a good one for the people that I love and cherish. I wish you a brave new year. Let all anguish, pain, and sadness leave your heart, and may your road be clear. Until I see you again, my friends, take care and be well.


Love and joy come to you

Love and joy come to you,
And to you your wassail too;
And God bless you and send you a Happy New Year
And God send you a Happy New Year.

Here are my favorite Christmas Cartoons and Songs. I hope you enjoy them.