CLE Time

CLE time

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An impromptu date night

An impromptu date night

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Sunday afternoon at the Decatur Book Festival

Sunday afternoon at the Decatur Book Festival

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There is no place like “home.”

It was good to be in Sanford Stadium again.

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Tailgating Season has begun!

One Week

It has been a week, since my father passed away. One week is 7 days; 168 hours; 10,080 minutes. During this last week, my perception of time has been all catawampus. There were moments during the last week that minutes seemed like days, weeks, or months. Then, there other moments where time was fleeting like steam from a tea kettle. Nevertheless, time is moving on, and the arduous task of starting a new chapter in my life begins. How do you carry on with your life without your father, when he has been a part of your life for forty-five years? I know what my father would tell me, which is this: “Remember the Good Times, and not the bad,” “Take life one day at a time,” and with God’s help. It is good advice, and I am going to follow it.

Journey’s End

My father, Francis Smith Partain had fought a gallant fight against Stage IV Lung Cancer over the last two plus years. Although he passed away today, he did not lose his battle with Cancer. He fought as hard as he could, even when it was clear that he did not want to. He never gave in. He never surrendered. He fought so hard because he wanted to be with the family that he loved, and because he was a U.S. Marine. His Lord and Savior came in as reinforcements and took him home. Now, he is healed; he is whole; he is home. My father is reunited with his father, his mother, his mother & father in law, who he loved and adored as if they were his own, and with all of his loved ones. Moreover, my father is reunited with the dogs and cats that he cherished like Thomas and Munch.

I will not lie. I am going to miss my father. I am going to weep in the upcoming days. My heart will be broken with his passing. Yet, I know that he is in a better place. So, to my beloved father, I know that this is not good-bye; I know that this is not the end; I know that while you are gone, you are waiting for us, and waiting for the day that we will be reunited again. I love you, Daddy. I look forward to the day where I can see you again.