The Roadhouse on a Friday night


Troy v. UGA, 09/20/2014

Troy v. UGA (09/20/2014)

This was my viewpoint of the Troy v. UGA game this last Saturday. I love watching my team, my school play. However, this occasion was very special to me because it was the first game that I attended with my girlfriend, Kimberly.

This is a picture of Kimberly and I at the Dawg Walk before the game.

After the game was over, my day in Athens was made better just wondering around town with Kimberly. Despite the sunburn that I got from being in the stands all day, I had a wonderful time in my adoptive hometown.

Life is Good

Life is Good.

Life is good, when you are playing Disney’s Pretty Princess with your girlfriend & her girls, and you are wearing the tiara, even if you are a boy.

Sittin’ in the Summer Sun

Sittin' in the Summer Sun

Let’s Get Started

It is game week! The beginning of another year of College Football is almost upon us. I cannot wait to see my team, my school, the University of Georgia Bulldogs play again. This is a great video from my school to usher in the new season. GO DAWGS!

Kimberly and I

Kimberly and I at the local Honky Tonk


Kimberly and I at our first Atlanta Braves game

This is my girlfriend, Kimberly. I consider myself blessed that I have met her, that I have fallen in love with her, and that she has fallen in love with me.

Down on the Horse Farm

Down on the Horse Farm