Do What?

My brain came close to exploding when trying to wrap my head around Japanese pop being fused with heavy metal. Let me share with you what caused my soul to be confused today. I give you BabyMetal. The song is entitled, “Give Me Chocolate.” The translation that I found for this song is here. Even after reading about the translation and what the song is about, my brain and soul is in a fog. The only phrase that comes to my mind is “Do What?”


My Mentor

My Mentor

John T. Strauss was a great attorney and a great man. This is a picture of the plaque in his honor that is outside of Courtroom 3 in the Walton County Courthouse. He had a distinguished career. He was the first District Attorney for the Alcovy Judicial Circuit (Walton and Newton Counties) and he held that office for two separate terms. After a long stint in private practice, John T. Strauss was the first Public Defender for Alcovy Judicial Circuit. I worked for John T. Strauss from 2003 to 2006. He was a great boss, mentor, and friend. He had faith in me, when others did not. I miss him.